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There we said it. When it comes to car and truck insurance, making sure you have proper liability limits is so incredibly important!  Many states have bare bone minimum requirements that are not sufficient to cover even many minor fender benders!

We often see people with rock-bottom limits for liability and property damage. Why?  To save a few bucks.  Those few dollars won’t be worth the paper they are printed on if you are in a horrific accident with a very expensive automobile and serious injuries to others.

Trust us on this one, you want far more than most states require!

When buying Car and Truck Insurance, remember:

Discounts are available for safe drivers, so keep your record clean.

Don’t let your insurance lapse, if you do the financial penalties can be steep

Discounts are available when you combine your car insurance with a home or renter’s insurance policy

Young and Aging drivers – safe driving classes may give you discounts on your policy

Many carriers offer discounts for AAA members – ask us!

Young drivers –  It’s typically less expensive to have them on a parent’s policy as an occasional driver than having a car designated to them.

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