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Avoid big hits to your bottom line by understanding the fine print of your Condominium Association Master Insurance Policy.  The devil is in the details.

Know your Tolerance for Risk

High deductibles save money and are a great budget managing tool, but you need to ensure your tolerance to absorb that debt is reasonable if a claim occurs.

We are happy to join you at a board meeting, do site inspections, and be there when your owners need to get a deeper understanding on how to protect their own portion of the property.

Condo Association Insurance Options & Coverages

Bare Walls Master Policy insuring the basic building elements such as walls, roof, floors, and elevators.  Unit owners are typically responsible for everything from the “studs” in – depending on the language of the policy.

Single Entity Master Policy insures the basic building as well as standard finishes inside each unit except for the unity owners’ personal property.  This doesn’t cover improvements made at the unit owner’s expense.

Modified Single Entity – or All In Master Policy covers fixtures, installations or additions, and improvements within the interior surfaces of the perimeter walls. The Unit Owner’s coverage needs are limited because the master policy is quite comprehensive.

General Liability Coverage – broad coverage for accidents and injury to others.

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance protects the directors and officers of the board.

Crime & Fidelity Coverage provides coverage for the theft of association funds or other financial misconduct

Equipment Breakdown will protect the association for loss of income caused by a breakdown of covered equipment

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